Project Capabilities 


East Coast Communications is a Turn Key Construction company for projects of any size, with all aspects of the project completed in house. Tower construction, antenna and line installation, along with all civil construction, concrete, carpentry and site work. We are capable of completing a wide range of Steel Services for structural upgrades to towers and structures as well. 


We can assist customers with site surveying, inspections and tower mappings. Also, East Coast Communications has the ability to conduct sUAS aerial data collection.


Tower/site maintenance and managment can be conducted per site or contract base with customer.


East Coast Communications Technical Services can complete your Indoor plant equipment installations and outdoor power plants.


East Coast Communications takes pride in our workmanship of all RF for Towers, antennas, microwave, transmission lines, shelters as well as our logistics for all equipment being delivered to sites. 






Closeout Package – This is completed per the customer requirements and standards requested. Our closeout department ensures our customer will recieve the professional closeout in a timely manner, and will exceed the industry standard. (photos, sweep test results, height verification forms, redlined as-builts of changes made during construction, 

ground test results, FCCA and permits)


Sweep Test Results – ECC has the equipment available to perform sweep testing services and we are able to import these files into an Adobe file for electronic (email) transmission and labeled as required.


Invoicing/Billing –ECC complies with all invoicing procedures required by the customer and as stated in the contract.


Insurance Certificates – if Certificates of Insurance (COI) are requested there is a very quick turnaround and always completed per the customer’s specifications. ECC carries a Ten Million Dollar ($10,000,000.00) General Liability Insurance policy. 


Office Capabilities

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